Monday, November 30, 2009

Hospital to Home - Part II

Well, we have been blessed yet again with another miracle growing in my womb! We are estatic. The baby is due to arrive in mid-June.

As fantastic as our first homebirth was we didn't necessarily feel called to do a repeat homebirth for any other children... that is until I got pregnant and actually started to analyze my options again.

We have gone back and forth like before, but much earlier now have decided that a homebirth is once again the best option for our family.

Since we are in Charlottesville, VA now and cannot see my old midwife, which I am quite sad about, we are seeing someone new.

So far, we are thrilled with them. They seem extremely knowledgeable and are very skilled in midwifery. Their information can be found at:

Just thought I'd share the exciting news with my homebirth friends.