Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Party after Party

Two weekends ago we were quite busy celebrating the upcoming arrival of Joseph. My midwife, Penny, threw me a Blessingway at our home and then the next day after church our Sunday school class had a baby shower for us. We had a great time at both, but I especially loved the Blessingway.

I did not have a Blessingway with Samuel because I didn't even know about them. It was wonderful. Now that I know about them, I wish everyone new mom could have one! I had my mom and some close friends and our birth attendants over to our home and we had a time of celebration and prayer for this upcoming birth. It was not a time for them to shower me with gifts, but with love and prayer. It meant more to me than I could have ever imagined. They washed my feet and joined me in celebrating this miracle of life. They each brought verses of inspiration for me to encourage me during this waiting period and throughout the birth. They also each brought one or two plants symbolizing new life and growth of our family. I love plants, so it was quite appropriate. I feel very comforted knowing I have so many friends lifting this pregnancy and birth up to the Lord. I know they make a difference. I wrote out a list of things that I want specific prayer for and they each took a copy of them home so they can continue to be praying. It's only a matter of about 3-4 weeks and then our precious bundle will be in our arms.


Jennifer said...

It sounds wonderful. You are truly blessed! Praying for you!