Monday, February 25, 2008

Risks of Using Pitocin

I have a friend who is sitting in her labor and delivery room as I type this post. Someone just commented on her blog that "no one gets a superwoman prize for enduring more pain, we all come out with a baby." This was in an attempt to make her not feel bad for the chance that she might have to get some Pitocin because she is not contracting enough and her water has already broken.

But knowing full well, she wants to go as natural as possible it irks me that someone would make a comment like that. This woman clearly is not being stubborn and refusing things she 'needs,' she is simply trying to do what is best for her and her baby. Being medicated during labor and delivery is NOT what is best for you and your baby, bottom line! Why do women not know this?

I wish people would realize that woman who want to have a natural childbirth are not trying to gain bragging points. They simply are convicted that it's the best for both them and their baby and they are willing to endure a little more pain to achieve their goal.

Here are some facts about Pitocin.

Risks of using Pitocin

Risks for Mother

  • Mothers using Pitocin frequently report increased pain with contractions. Most mother using Pitocin also use pain medication to handle the increased pain.

  • Pitocin use requires continuous monitoring to detect complications and/or progress which interferes with mobility.

  • Pitocin use requires an IV for administration.

  • Pitocin use can cause long contractions and contractions with double peaks.

  • Pitocin use slightly increases the possibility of a uterine rupture.

  • Pitocin use increases the likelihood of a fetal malpresentation or malposition.

  • Pitocin use is associated with an increased need for cesarean surgery for distocia and fetal distress.

Risks for Baby

  • Pitocin use increases the likelihood of depressed fetal heart rate patterns.

  • Pitocin use increases the chances of Fetal Distress due to decreased oxygen availability.

  • There are increased risks to your baby if you have a cesarean surgery.

You can read the entire article here. I have been reading two books from the author of this article and they are incredible. I highly recommend them to any Christian mom who is interested in birthing naturally.


Pam and Anders said...

Having had Pitocin thrust upon me, I can tell you the increased pain and length of contractions is very REAL!

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Amy...good post! This is indeed true. The Pitocin did get my labor moving and also very much increased the intensity and frequency of my contractions very quickly. My body did not have the typical amount of time to train for the "hard parts" of labor. I went from barely any pain to lots of pain very frequently. This lead to my requesting the epidural. Thanks to God for being in control of everything and for us to be able to continue to deliver vaginally. I now am the mommy to a big baby boy (9lbs 8oz)!

Melissa said...

I had my daughter after being induced with Pitocin. I was able to maintain a natural birth with no drugs. I credit a lot of this to my nurses, husband, and mother who were all great! I now am now 6 weeks from my son being due. I do not condemn or promote any way in which a woman brings a child into this world. Thousands of babies are born alive and healthy because of modern medical techniques. Many women survive childbirth for the same reason. Our bodies do know how to birth, and it is not a disease, nor are we sick. However, not every person fits one scenario. No matter which way you are facing delivering a baby, just be informed, ask questions, and trust the professional whether it's and OB or a MW.

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to pass on what happened to me with pitocin.I had an emergency c-section due to severe fetal distress.well,after getting cut the long way up and down for the c-section,they started me on 40 of pitocin!!!!I felt like my uterus was going to bust all those sutures and staples out due to such STRONG contractions...after surgery!I screamed so loud that people were looking at me like I was insane.I begged the nurses to stop the pitocin...they refused!!!so I had to pull my iv line out in order to get the horrible drug stopped!!I am convinced that if I had not taken these actions myself..that I would be dead from ruptured uterus!!!still have nightmares over this!!!That pain was what can only be called torture!!!pitocin should be banned!!!!!!thanks for letting me vent.xo♥♥Cynthia