Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Falling Into Place

We had a meeting with our midwife this past Saturday. Things are going very well. Joseph is head down and seems to already be pretty low, yay! He is facing my back, which is the most ideal position. Samuel was never anterior, so we are already ahead of that game.

Penny has been in contact with our local hospital making preparations in case we need to transfer. They have been extremely supportive, which is just incredibly rare for hospitals to support homebirths. The midwife that works with the doctor I saw, before I decided on a homebirth, actually use to have her own homebirth practice! She is super excited that there is a homebirther in the area. Then Penny also talked with the OB manager of the whole maternity ward and she was very supportive as well. She has attended many homebirths and said it was a great way to go. I was just shocked to hear this news. Just another issue taken care of before I even committed it to serious prayer.

Both of these issues have been lingering in my mind as possible hindrances to a positive birth. For one, Samuel, was never in a great position for birth, and I did not have the knowledge myself or the help from doctors to help in turning him. This time, I have the knowledge, but it doesn't seem like I will have to worry about his position. What a blessing.

And, also the transfer issue. I am in no way opposed to having to transfer to the hospital if something were to come up that only could be taken care of there. It was just the idea of being treated poorly by doctors and nurses who do not agree with homebirths and having to deal with their lack of support. Knowing that I'm going into a situation where two of my biggest fears have already been eliminated makes me feel that much more comfortable attempting this homebirth.

I have no idea what the outcome of this will be, but I am continually encouraged by God that he is pleased with this decision. We will continue to seek his will the entire time and pray that we will have the clarity of thought to do what he wants of us. From the beginning, we have never been trying to prove anything to anyone, all we have wanted is to obey God and do what he wants of us. And for right now, attempting a homebirth is what we believe he wants.


Abbi said...

That is so nice that your hospital will work with you if need be. I don't think that is very common and so that is a real blessing.
This past year one of my friends did have to transfer from home to hospital after the baby had already been born because she had severe hemoraging. It all went fine but she said there were quite a few negative comments made. They thought it was very silly for her to have chosen a home birth.
I certainly hope that all goes well for your home birth. That was certianly my favorite type of birth. If not though it is nice to have everything prepared ahead of time!

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