Monday, January 7, 2008

More Prepartions

Aside from the list of birthing supplies, I need to start getting a list together of all of the other things I'm going to need to have done before Joseph's arrival. Here goes:

Get carseat
Have carseat installed
Figure out where his changing table will go
Make room for his clothes somewhere, either get a new dresser or share Samuel's.
Get infant cloth diapers out and washed
Get infant clothes out and washed
Make his baby quilt

I have some high sewing aspirations as well, but I won't be upset if I don't get to them:
Sew some baby slings to carry him around in
Sew some baby wraps with velcro to keep him wrapped up in in bed.
Figure out how to make some sort of slipper for him.


Jennifer said...

Hi! I saw your note about cloth diapers. Do you use regular folded cloth diapers? Do you love them? HAve you always used them? I'm pondering cloth vs. disposable and just don't know yet. Feel free to email me at if you have time. Thanks!